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Meet Your Therapist

"Therapy is the sanctuary where words become healing, where vulnerabilities are embraced, and the canvas of self-discovery is painted with resilience and growth."

I'm Kelsey Aichinger, a compassionate Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist dedicated to supporting individuals on their mental health journey. I earned my master's degree from the University at Buffalo and hold clinical licensure in North Carolina.

My professional dedication is anchored in recognizing the influential impact of constructive conversations and strategically leveraging individuals' strengths for positive transformations. I am deeply committed to mental health due to my direct observations of its profound effects on individuals' lives. It is my firm belief that every person possesses inherent potential for success, and actively seeking support from others is not only acceptable but also commendable.

Throughout our collaborative journey, my commitment is to foster a professional and inviting environment where we can strategically utilize your unique strengths to facilitate enduring positive changes. Let's embark on this transformative path together because, at its core, I prioritize the effectiveness of meaningful conversations in enhancing overall well-being.

What To Expect
While Working With Me:

As a therapist, I embody empathy and compassion while also providing a source of gentle encouragement. Recognizing the difficulty clients might face when opening up and being vulnerable, I am dedicated to cultivating a space that is both secure and non-judgmental. My approach is grounded in realism, a perspective that my clients have come to value.

I firmly believe in the collaborative nature of therapy.


When you choose to work with me, anticipate a balance between being challenged and supported.

I provide a complimentary 15-minute consultation to ensure our compatibility going forward. In our initial session, we'll delve into your concerns and collaboratively establish goals and a treatment plan.


Where to Find Us

Kelsey Aichinger


instagram: @serenitywellnessnc

1202 Floral Parkway

Wilmington, NC, 28403

Hours Vary

Contact for Availability

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